did taylor swift get a nose job

did taylor swift get a nose job

Did Taylor Swift Get a Nose Job?

Taylor Swift has long been known for her looks, so when the internet got a hold of rumors regarding her getting a plastic surgery nose job, heads turned. So, did Taylor Swift really get a nose job?

What We Know So Far

The rumors of Taylor Swift’s plastic surgery began back in 2017, with both fans and haters alike bringing out the microscope to analyze Swift’s nose for any changes. Here’s what we know for sure:

  • No official statement has been released regarding Taylor Swift undergoing a nose job.
  • Photographic evidence shows Swift’s nose has become noticeably thinner and longer over the years.
  • Swift has mentioned sources of inspiration for her changing looks in interviews, but has not mentioned any nose job.

What People Are Saying

With any kind of rumor, there is usually a lot of speculation. In this case, people are fairly divided with some saying yes, Taylor Swift did get a nose job, and others saying no, it’s just make-up and edited photos.

  • Those who believe Taylor Swift did get a nose job point to her ever-changing nose shape and that her strong, famous brand would have likely released an official statement had the rumors been false.
  • Those who believe Taylor Swift did not get a nose job point to her many make-up tutorials and the power of editing to make her look different.

At the end of the day, the only person who knows the truth is Taylor Swift herself. As of now, she’s keeping the truth to herself.


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