did tommy from martin have a job

did tommy from martin have a job

Did Tommy From Martin Have a Job?

The question of whether or not Tommy from the hit 90s sitcom Martin had a job is one that has lingered in the minds of fans over the years. Played by Thomas Mikal Ford, Tommy was an integral character in Martin’s success, often stealing the show with his sassy one-liners and colorful personality.

The Show’s Episodes

The show frequently touched on Tommy’s financial situation when it came to working and other income. Tommy would often be seen looking for work, or talking about potential job opportunities, but he was never actually shown in the show working. This led many fans to question if Tommy from Martin ever had a real job.

What the Cast Says

In interviews, several stars of Martin have indicated that Tommy did have a job. Tichina Arnold, who played Pam on the show, stated that Tommy was a handyman and also worked as a barber.

Additionally, Tommy’s actor, Thomas Mikal Ford, has confirmed that Tommy did, in fact, have a job. Ford said that Tommy was the son of a pastor who worked to help support his father’s ministry. He was also a barber and handyman who earned an income from those jobs.

The Fans’ verdict?

While the show never actually showed Tommy at work in any episodes, it is clear from talking to the cast and crew that he did in fact have a job. Whether it was landscaping, barbering, or handyman work, Tommy from Martin had a job to help support himself and his father’s ministry.

For fans that love and adore Tommy from the show, this comes as a welcome answer to their long-running mystery.


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