did tommy from martin have a job

did tommy from martin have a job

Did Tommy From Martin Have a Job?

When it comes to comedy classics, Martin definitely tops the list – and a big part of that is attributed to Tommy, played by Thomas Mikal Ford. After meeting Martin in a Detroit club, Tommy soon became an integral part of the show – but did Tommy from Martin actually have a job?

Tomy’s Day Job

From the very beginning of the show, it was never made completely clear what Tommy’s profession was. However, we do know that Tommy from Martin had a job. The character was introduced as someone who worked at a local radio station. While it was never confirmed exactly what Tommy did for the radio station, it was implied that he at least had a form of technical role, such as a disc jockey or audio technician.

Paying the Bills

The job at the radio station was not Tommy’s only source of income. Throughout the series, he was seen making money through various other side activities, such as doing personal security for concerts and other events. He also worked as a chauffeur and even invested in real estate.

Tommys Popularity

Tommy’s work at the radio station also gave him a platform to promote his popularity as a character. He used the radio waves to make fun of some of his friends, such as with his frequent jabs at Martin and Gina. He also used his fame as a way to score free meals and often took advantage of friends’ offers that were made with good intentions.


So, the answer to the question – did Tommy from Martin have a job – is definitively yes. While we know that he had a role at the local radio station, this was not his only source of income. Instead, he made use of a variety of activities, such as concerts and other side gigs to make sure that his bills were paid. Tommy definitely made sure to maximize his popularity for personal gain!


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