did tommy have a job on martin

did tommy have a job on martin

Did Tommy Have A Job On Martin?

The TV show Martin which ran from 1992 to 1997 centered around the character Martin Payne, played by Martin Lawrence. Throughout the show, six main characters were present and had to face different everyday issues. One of these characters was Tommy, played by Tommy Ford.

What Was Tommy’s Job?

Often referred to as the show’s ‘Straight Man’, Tommy during the show was always the one who would help his friends out in their hour if need. He was, however, employed in three different jobs during the show’s five-year run, going from one job to the next:

  • Assistant Manager at AJ’s Market – During the first season of the show, Tommy was employed as an assistant manager at AJ’s Market, which served as a local grocery store for the neighborhood.
  • Assistant Manager at Piedmont Federal – It was until the third season when Tommy started working at a Bank, Piedmont Federal. After a few episodes, however, he quitted.
  • Foreman at an Auto Plant – For the remainder of the show, Tommy was employed as the Foreman at an Auto Plant.

Did Tommy Enjoy His Job or was it Just for Money?

It is quite clear that Tommy did not particularly enjoy his job. He was always very vocal about his dislikes to working and often motivated Martin, Gina and the rest of his friends not to admit the same mentality. Towards the end, Tommy considers taking up a career as a rapper and succeeds in the fifth season.

In the end, it’s safe to say that Tommy was not particularly enjoying his job. It was more like a means of making money for him and nothing else. Those were five years of a rough life but it sure was memorable for audiences.


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