did tommy have a job on martin

did tommy have a job on martin

Did Tommy Have a Job on Martin?

The popular ’90’s sitcom Martin was a major hit, with star Martin Lawrence playing the lead. But did you know that Lawrence wasn’t the only regular character on the show? In fact, Tommy — Martins friend– had a major role on the show too!

Tommy’s Character

Tommy, played by Tommy Ford, was often seen as Martin’s confidante. He was the person Martin always talked to when things weren’t going great, and Tommy often provided Martin with wise advice. Tommy also delighted viewers with his unique brand of humor, and his ability to never take things too seriously.

Tommy’s Job on Martin

Many viewers assumed that Tommy had a full-time job on the show, but that wasn’t actually the case. Tommy made sporadic appearances throughout the show, but was never officially employed by Martin. Despite this, Tommy still managed to build a relationship with Martin and the rest of the characters that lasted for all five seasons of the show.

Tommy After Martin

Following the end of Martin, Tommy went on to enjoy a successful career in both acting and directing. He was featured in several television shows and movies, as well as directing a handful of projects.
Tommy sadly passed away in 2016, but his comedic work and strong friendship with Martin will never be forgotten.


Tommy may not have had a job on Martin, but he certainly left his mark on the show. His comedic timing and witty banter will always be remembered, and his unique relationship with Martin will never be forgotten.

Context in no particular order:

  • Tommy Ford starred as Tommy on the show.
  • Tommy provided Martin with advice when needed.
  • Tommy wasn’t officially employed by Martin.
  • Tommy had a successful acting and directing career after Martin.
  • Tommy passed away in 2016.


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