did vanessa ray have a nose job

did vanessa ray have a nose job

Did Vanessa Ray Have a Nose Job?

Vanessa Ray is an American actress, singer and songwriter mostly known for her roles as Eddie Janko in the American police procedural drama TV series “Blue Bloods,” and CeCe Drake on the teen drama TV series “Pretty Little Liars”. She also competed and won the 6th season of Dancing with the Stars in New Zealand.

What Do Fans Say?

Many fans believe that Vanessa Ray had a nose job but there’s no clear proof of that. Her fans posted quite a lot of before-and-after pictures which don’t prove anything though. While there’s no concrete evidence that Vanessa Ray had a nose job, the differences on the shape of her nose were visible.

Her Own Words

In an interview, it is clear that Vanessa Ray was asked about the rumors of her getting a nose job. She laughed it off saying that she did not, adding that she loves her nose and doesn’t think she’d do anything to change it.

What the Experts Say

When it comes to plastic surgery procedures, the experts are more than willing to give their word. According to them, Vanessa Ray hadn’t had any plastic surgery done on her face. It is possible that she had some minor cosmetic dental work done, however that’s not entirely true either.

The Final Verdict

Pending any further evidence, the conclusion is that Vanessa Ray did not have a nose job. With a combination of being a fan of her nose and the opinion of experts, it is clear that she did not get any plastic surgery procedures done.

That said, we should also respect her privacy and remember that she did not confirm nor deny having a nose job. In the end, it is all speculation and we should respect her privacy no matter the case.


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