did zendaya have a nose job

did zendaya have a nose job

Did Zendaya Have a Nose Job?

Zendaya Coleman is an American actress, singer and dancer, who has been in the spotlight since her Disney days. She has always been popular amongst fans, however, recently there has been speculation surrounding Zendaya’s nose and whether it was enhanced surgically.

What Are The Claims?

Rumours have been circling around social media claiming that Zendaya underwent a nose job in order to enhance the shape of her nose. Many fans have speculated that her nose appears to be dramatically different compared to a few of her pictures from her childhood.

What Did Zendaya Have To Say?

The star has been very vocal in denying these claims. She has said in an interview with Refinery29, “I haven’t had any plastic surgery”. She also went onto clarify that “People think I got a nose job but it’s just make-up”. She further explained how she uses make-up contouring to enhance the shape of her nose and that lighting also has an effect on how her nose looks.

What Do The Experts Say?

In an interview with the Insider, well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Levine commented on how Zendaya does not appear to have gotten a nose job. Levine further stated that “makeup can contour your nose and make it appear differently, however it’s nothing compared to plastic surgery which creates a much more drastic and permanent change.”


It appears Zendaya’s nose shape has not been altered drastically by plastic surgery, however she has been careful with her make-up application to help enhance the shape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zendaya has denied claims that she had a nose job to enhance the shape of her nose.
  • The star claims that she uses makeup to contour her nose.
  • Experts agree that the shape of her nose has not been drastically changed and it could just be down to lighting and make-up application.


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