do a butler’s job crossword

Do a Butler’s Job Crossword

Doing a Butler’s job can be a challenging task. But this crossword can help you develop your knowledge and understanding of the job.

The Rules

  • You are allowed to look up solutions on the internet
  • You can take up to 5 minutes for each individual question
  • Use the provided hints to get you started

The Crossword

Clue: Prepare food and beverages
Answer: Catering

Clue: Monitor the entrance of a building
Answer: Security

Clue: Making sure the property looks clean and tidy
Answer: Housekeeping

Clue: Answering the phone and handling correspondence
Answer: Secretarial

Clue: Organize and involved in events
Answer: Event Planning

Clue: Ensuring the comfort of all guests
Answer: Hospitality


Doing a Butler’s job requires a wide range of skills, so this crossword can be a great way to get a better understanding of the job. Keep challenging yourself and finding different techniques to enhance your knowledge.


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