do energy jobs pay

do energy jobs pay

Do Energy jobs pay?

Energy jobs are varied and can range from energy efficiency experts to energy project managers, energy engineers and more. Many of these positions come with good salaries, perks and job satisfaction.

High-Paying Energy Jobs

Many of the more lucrative energy jobs are in the engineering sector, including:

  • Oil and gas engineers
  • Environmental engineers
  • Energy and renewables engineers
  • Nuclear engineers

These engineering roles typically pay mid- to high-level salaries and require a significant technical background and expertise.

Other Well-Paying Energy Jobs

There are also a number of other energy jobs that boast good salaries and job satisfaction. These include:

  • Energy project managers – Project managers are key players in the energy industry, managing large-scale energy projects and ensuring they are delivered on time and to budget.
  • Energy efficiency experts – These specialists work to identify ways to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency in residential and commercial environments.
  • Energy auditors – Energy auditors audit business’s current energy usage and develop plans to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs.

All of these roles come with competitive salaries, with the average salary for a energy project manager in the UK ranging between £35,000 – £45,000 and an average of £35,000 for energy auditors.


In conclusion, it is clear that energy jobs offer competitive salaries and job satisfaction, and with the growth of the industry and increasing pressure to tackle climate change, this will likely keep growing in the coming years. With the right qualifications and experience, you could be well on your way to a rewarding career in energy.


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