do finance jobs drug test

do finance jobs drug test

Do Finance Jobs Drug Test?

The finance field is highly regulated, so many people are curious whether finance positions require drug tests. While many aspects of drug testing depend on the individual organization and its regulations, in general drug testing requirements are not as common in finance as in other industries.

Why Drug Testing is Less Prevalent in Finance

The finance industry involves the management of large amounts of money and sensitive financial information, so employers must practice a high level of caution to protect their investments and customers. Drug testing is one way to try and eliminate potential risks by ensuring that employees do not have any substances in their system when performing their job.

However, the finance field does not typically have the same dangerous working environments that require the same stringent drug testing protocols as other industries. Heavy machinery and hazardous materials are minimal, so stringent testing policies are often unnecessary.

Drug Test Requirements for Certain Positions

Although drug testing is not routine for finance positions in general, an employer may request a test if they have a reasonable suspicion that an employee has been using drugs. This is especially true in certain positions, such as:

  • High-risk positions, such as those dealing with customers’ money or accounts
  • Management roles, where an employee’s decisions can have a direct effect on the company’s bottom line
  • Certain government roles, such as those pertaining to federal securities regulation

Employers are also more likely to test for drugs when an applicant is applying for a job. With the introduction of legalized marijuana in many states, employers in finance roles have become stricter when it comes to drug tests. As such, an employer may require both a drug test and a background check before making a hiring decision.

Final Thoughts

Although drug tests are less common in finance roles, they may still be required depending on the position and the individual employer. It is important to research the policies of any organization you are considering working for to determine if drug tests are mandatory.


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