do i lose workers’ comp if i quit my job

do i lose workers’ comp if i quit my job

Do I Lose Workers’ Comp If I quit My Job?

Most people have heard about Workers’ Compensation, but many don’t know that if you quit your job you may not be entitled to receive compensation. Whether or not you are eligible for compensation is dependent on several factors outlined by state law.

Types of Job Discharges

In order to answer the “Do I lose Workers’ Comp if I quit my job?” question, it’s important to look at the population of employees leaving their job and the reasons behind it. Generally speaking, there are two outlined reasons for leaving a job, voluntarily or involuntarily.

Voluntarily Quitting

  • Quit – No Fault: If you feel it necessary to quit your job due to an unavoidable reason, you may still be eligible for compensation. Reasoning includes quitting due to health or family issues, unfavorable job conditions or escaping discomfort/abuse.
  • Quit – Abuse: Employees may be compensated if a company is violating labor or safety laws, or if the company is subjecting the employee to harassment or mental distress.

Involuntary Discharge

Involuntary discharge is when an employee is terminated from a position for reasons beyond their control. This usually qualifies for Compensations for lost wages and/or medical care.


If you’re considering quitting your job, it is important to think through all scenarios and evaluate the impact on Workers’ Compensation eligibility. In many cases, if an employee voluntarily leaves their job, they are not eligible for Workers’ Compensation. In some cases where the employee is subjected to abuse or hazardous standards, they may be eligible for compensation. It is important to understand the state laws in regards to this matter in order to get the benefits one is entitled to.


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