do jobs actually contact references

do jobs actually contact references

Do Jobs Actually Contact References?

At some stage in the job selection process, employers may ask you to provide references who can vouch for your experience and skills. But do they actually contact the references?

Why Employers Request References

Employers typically request references in order to get an idea of an applicant’s skill set, work history and professional performance. Talking to a reference may give the employer an idea of the applicant’s work style and help them determine if the applicant is suitable for the job.

Do Employers Actually Contact References?

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to reference checking, in almost all cases employers will contact the referees provided by you. Employers vary in terms of how much effort they put into checking references and the type of questions they ask. Generally speaking, if you provide a reference that is willing to speak positively of your experience and skills, the employer will feel reassured about your candidacy.

What Do Employers Ask References?

Typically, employers will ask your reference questions about your:

  • Duties & Responsibilities: What was the scope of your role, your duties and responsibilities?
  • Skills & Qualifications: What specific skills did you possess?
  • Work Performance: How did you perform in the role and handle various tasks?
  • Peer Relationships: How did you get on with colleagues and managers?


Most employers will contact the references provided by you. The contact could be by phone, via email or simply an acknowledgement that the reference was received. It is important that you provide referees that are willing to speak positively about you, as this can make all the difference when a hiring decision is made.


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