do jobs check for high school diploma

do jobs check for high school diploma

Do Jobs Check for High School Diploma?

High school diplomas are often seen as the foundational steppingstone towards many jobs, especially those which require higher education. But do employers actually check to see if applicants have this education?

Yes, in Most Cases

Most companies do check to see if applicants have earned a high school diploma. Even though the process of checking each application can take more time and money, employers feel that it’s important to make sure they are hiring the most qualified individuals.

Why is it Important?

Having a high school diploma is seen as a major accomplishment, which also shows that an individual has the capacity to keep learning and stay focused on learning new skills. Employers know that this type of character is important for the workforce and that having a high school diploma is an indicator of how someone may perform in the job.

What Kinds of Jobs Require it?

The jobs which require a high school diploma can range from entry-level positions to more advanced roles. Many professional positions, such as those in law and finance, require the applicant to have at least a high school diploma.

In many cases, employers may also require specific coursework in high school, such as math and science, so that the applicant has the baseline foundation they need in order to understand the job they are applying for.

What if I Don’t Have a High School Diploma?

There are still opportunities available to those who don’t have a high school diploma.

  • Alternative Education Programs: These programs offer the same education as traditional schools and provide those who may have had difficulty with traditional school options a chance to gain the same accreditation.
  • Trade Schools: If an individual is looking for a career in a particular trade or industry, many businesses offer trade-specific training and certification programs.
  • Online Courses: Many online courses offer the same education as a traditional high school diploma and can provide students with the same certification.


Having a high school diploma may be a requirement for many employers and can make a major difference in how an individual’s job prospects look. Fortunately, there are a number of alternative education programs and options available to those who don’t have a traditional high school diploma.


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