do jobs drug test 16 year olds

do jobs drug test 16 year olds

Do Jobs Drug Test 16 Year Olds?

As a society, we want to protect minors from the dangers of illegal drugs. However, do employers have the right to conduct drug tests on those under 18 years old? Let’s explore this question and see who is affected and how it’s enforce.

Who is Affected?

The simple answer to this question is – anyone under the age of 18 who applies for a job that requires drug screening may be subject to being tested. This can include part-time and seasonal workers, summer job applicants and anyone else applying for a job where a drug test is required. It’s important to remember that even if you test clean, you may not be guaranteed a job due to drug testing.

Do All Employers Test?

Many employers do not test applicants under the age of 18, particularly in the retail and food service industries. Some employers may simply ask questions or require a background check before making a hiring decision. It’s also important to note that a drug test may be offered to applicants at any age, but a negative result is not a guarantee that you will be hired.

Requirements of Law

The laws surrounding drug testing of minors vary state by state. Generally speaking, employers are not allowed to randomly drug test minors, however, schools, law enforcement and other public institutions may drug test minors in certain circumstances.

Bottom Line

The best way to ensure that you won’t be subject to a drug test is to stay sober and be honest about your drug use. Also, make sure to research the company you’re applying to and determine whether drug testing is part of their hiring process. If it is, make sure you’re fully prepared for the consequences of testing positive.

Overall, it is important to remember that drug testing is not a guarantee of employment, but rather an additional step in the hiring process. When in doubt, be honest and take steps to stay drug-free.


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