do jobs drug test minors

do jobs drug test minors

Do Jobs Drug Test Minors?

Drug testing has become increasingly popular in the workplace and can even extend to minors. But do jobs drug test minors? The answer is – it depends.

Why Would a Company Drug Test Minors?

It’s important to first understand why a company would drug test minors in the first place. Many employers require drug tests as standard procedure for any applicant to check for drug use, providing a safe and drug-free workplace. Companies are also within their rights to take safety precautions for employees who are minors, and this may include the need for drug tests of those employees.

Does Every Job Test Minors?

No, not every job tests minors. Depending on the nature of the job in question, and which state the minor works in, drug testing minors may or may not be allowed. In certain cases, such as when dealing with chemicals or volatile substances, it’s likely that some form of drug test would have to be administered, regardless of their age. Additionally, certain employers may require drug tests to ensure that minors follow the rules they have set in place, such as having a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.

What Laws Apply to Drug Testing Minors?

The laws which apply to drug testing minors vary from state to state. In some states, employers are not allowed to drug test minors. However, in other states, employers are allowed to drug test minors if they believe there is reasonable suspicion of drug use. Additionally, some states also require that employers provide written notice to minors that they may be subject to drug testing, and provide them with an opportunity to explain their drug use.

How Do I Know if a Company Will Drug Test Minors?

If you are a minor applying for a job, be sure to ask the employer if they require drug tests for minors. If they do, they should provide you with information about which drugs they test for, as well as the rules and regulations they have in place regarding drug use. Additionally, minors should be aware of their rights, including the right to refuse a drug test if they believe it to be unfair.


Drug testing minors is an issue which employers must consider when hiring minors. Depending on where they are located and the nature of the job, employers may or may not be allowed to drug test minors. If they do, they should provide written notice and explain the applicable laws that allow them to do so. Minors should also research their rights and be aware that they are not obligated to take a drug test if they feel it is unfair.


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