does a third interview mean i got the job

does a third interview mean i got the job

Does a Third Interview Mean I Got the Job?

Getting called in for a third interview is an exciting milestone in your job search. It often means that you’ve made it to the final round of interviewing, and the employer is seriously considering hiring you. However, it’s not always a guaranteed sign that you got the job.

What to Expect During the Third Interview?

The third interview is often much more in-depth than the previous ones. It may include a deeper dive into your qualifications, experiences and technical skill sets. The employer wants to make sure you are the best fit for the job, and will likely lead you through a series of review questions. It may also involve meeting with other team members or partaking in a skill test.

What Happens After the Third Interview?

After the third interview is complete, the employer will evaluate the results to make their final decision. Normally, they will contact you in a few days or weeks to let you know if you’ve got the job or not.

Signals You May Have the Job

You may be feeling confident after the third interview, but you won’t truly know for sure until you hear back from the employer. Here are some signs that you might have the job:

  • Meet the Team: If you were invited to meet the team of people you’d be working with, it’s a positive sign that you’re a top contender.
  • Lengthy Interview: An extended or lengthy third interview is often a good sign as well. The employer is taking their time to get to know you better and to see if you’d be a great fit for the team.
  • Positive Conversation: If the tone of the conversation was wholly positive, it usually indicates the employer thinking well of you.

Having gone through three interviews is a great feat! While you may think you’ve nabbed the job, the only sure way to know is to hear back from the employer with their decision.


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