does an mba guarantee a good job

does an mba guarantee a good job

Does an MBA Guarantee a Good Job?

The answer to this question can vary depending on a variety of factors. An MBA can certainly put you in a better position to acquire a better job that pays more money than if you had not gotten the degree, but is it a guarantee?

Factors That Determine Outcome

  • Where you enrolled.
  • Your area of concentration.
  • Academic scores.
  • Your network.
  • The field or industry you are seeking to enter.

Most of us know that employers look for MBA candidates with a certain grade point average and thus applicants with lower scores often find it much more difficult to get hired for jobs that one with higher scores. Even though you may not have had top scores, a strong resume and a great interview are certainly key points to making a good impression.

Importance of Your Network

Your network of contacts can be a valuable asset when looking for a job after completing your MBA. People you know may be able to open doors for you, or at least provide a good reference in the recruiting process. Knowing people in the industry you are interested in entering can also work to your advantage.

Industry Issues

The industry you are looking to enter is also an important factor in determining the outcome of your job hunt. Certain industries may favor those with a particular degree and concentration. For example, someone entering the banking or finance industry may have a better chance of being hired with an MBA in finance or banking than someone with an MBA in hospitality management.

What is the Bottom Line?

While getting an MBA can certainly be beneficial in helping you obtain a good job, it is not necessarily a guarantee. A lot of other factors, including academic scores, your choice of specialization, your network, and the industry you are looking to enter all play important roles in the success of your job hunt.

At the end of the day, even with an MBA, you will still need to demonstrate your skills, take advantage of your network, and put in sufficient effort to maximize your potential and secure a fulfilling job.


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