does coach baker take the job at toledo

does coach baker take the job at toledo

Does Coach Baker Take the Job at Toledo

Coach Baker recently announced he had been offered the head coaching job at Toledo. The question on everyone’s mind is, will he take it?

His Record at Buckeyes

Coach Baker is no stranger to college football. He has been head coach of the Buckeyes since 2007. In that time, he has had a remarkable track record, appearing in multiple bowl games and even winning two National Championships.

Reasons for Taking the Job?

There are several reasons why Coach Baker might decide to take the job at Toledo. These include:

  • Geographical Location: Toledo is much closer to Coach Baker’s home in Ohio than his current position at the Buckeyes. This could provide him with more time at home with family.
  • More Competitive League: Coach Baker could make the move to the MAC conference, which is considered to be a more competitive league than the Big Ten.
  • Fresh Challenge: Taking the head coaching job at Toledo could provide Coach Baker with a new challenge and the opportunity to turn the program around.

Reasons for Not Taking the Job?

While there definitely are some reasons why Coach Baker might decide to take the job at Toledo, there are also several reasons why he might decide not to. These include:

  • Loyalty: Coach Baker has been with the Buckeyes for over a decade and has a strong sense of loyalty to the program and its players.
  • Money: Coach Baker may find the salary offered at Toledo to be inadequate for the job.
  • Location: While some may see Toledo as a geographic advantage, others may see it as too far away from the rest of the Big Ten.

Only time will tell if Coach Baker will take the job at Toledo. Until then, fans can only speculate and wait for more information.


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