does doordash count as a job


Does DoorDash Count as a Job?

The concept of work is changing. In the past, having a job meant heading out each day to a designated place of work: a factory, an office, or a service center. But the rise of the gig economy has greatly expanded what job opportunities look like. For many people, particularly in the post-pandemic world, that means remote-work roles and, for others, it means embarking on a new career as a DoorDash driver.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a technology company and app based platform that helps customers to order and receive meals from their favorite local restaurants. DoorDash drivers, also referred to as “Dashers”, pick up and drop off orders to customers. Depending on where you live, you might even be able to sign up as either a driver or delivery person to run errands for others in the community.

Is DoorDash ‘Work’?

Simply put, yes, DoorDash can be considered a job. DoorDash drivers can, depending on how much they are willing to work, earn a significant amount of money. Plus, DoorDash’s platform makes it easy to work when you want, so it’s flexible enough to fit around other commitments:

    • Earnings Potential: You can set your own hours and determine how much you will make each week or month. According to Glassdoor, the average DoorDash driver salary is $21.22 an hour.


    • Flexible Hours: DoorDash allows drivers to work on their own schedule; you can decide when, where and how much you want to work.


    • Opportunity to Network: DoorDash drivers are immersed in their local communities, and they can use their position to network and build relationships which may lead to other job opportunities.


The Disadvantages of Working for DoorDash

Of course, as with any job, DoorDash also has some downsides:

    • Unpredictable Income: The amount of money you make with DoorDash can vary greatly depending on where you live and when you choose to work.


    • No Benefits: DoorDash does not offer medical benefits or paid leave, so you need to factor that in when determining your long-term financial situation.


    • Low Hourly Wages: Many Dashers earn low hourly wages due to DoorDash’s complex pay structure, so it’s important to read up on the company’s policies before signing up.


The Bottom Line

For some, DoorDash may be an ideal way to supplement their main income and flex their own entrepreneurial muscle. For others, DoorDash may be their only source of income. Either way, the key takeaway is that DoorDash can count as a job, but it is up to each individual person to decide if it is the right fit for them.


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