does nicotine show up on drug test for job


Does Nicotine Show up on a Drug Test for a Job?

When looking for a job, the possibility of being subject to a drug test is always a cause for concern. However, the extent to which a drug test looks for nicotine can vary, depending on the employer and the type of drug test.

Urine Tests

The most common type of drug screen is the urine test. Understandably, many people worry that it may look for nicotine. To answer this question, it largely depends on the employer and the purpose of the test.

Confirmation Tests

In the event that an employer requests a confirmation test, then nicotine can be detected. The confirmation test looks for metabolites (by-products) of nicotine that linger or accumulate in the body longer than nicotine itself.

Standard Test

Standard urine tests do not usually look for nicotine as part of a screening. However, if the employer requires, then tests can be modified to include this as part of the screening process.

Saliva Tests

Saliva tests can detect nicotine up to a few days after it has entered the body. However, this type of test is not as commonly used for employee screenings.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are a rare form of drug test and look for nicotine the same way as urine tests: by looking for its metabolites.

Key Takeaways

    • Confirmation tests look for nicotine directly and its by-products. These tests are less common.


    • Standard tests do not look for nicotine unless specifically requested.


    • Saliva tests can detect nicotine up to a few days after its entry.


    • Blood tests look the same way as urine tests without nicotine.


Ultimately, it is best to check with your employer when it comes to understanding what type of drug tests are being requested so that you can make an informed decision.


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