does orientation mean you have the job

does orientation mean you have the job

Does Orientation Mean You Have the Job?

Getting to the point of orientation after a successful job interview can be very encouraging. After all the hard work of applying, interviewing and waiting, it feels like you’ve made it. But it pays to remember that orientation does not mean you have the job.

What is Orientation?

Orientation typically follows a job offer and is a company’s way of introducing new employees to the job. No matter what the job may be, it will involve paperwork such as background checks, tax forms and the like. Orientations will also include a tour of the work space and introductions to supervisors and applicable colleagues.

Job Offer is Really When It’s Official

It is important to keep in mind that orientation does not mean you have the job. Depending on the nature of the job, new employees may not start working immediately after orientation. A job offer does not become official until after the required paperwork is complete and the company receives approval.

Knowing Your Rights

It is also important to be aware of your rights as an employee. During orientation, ask questions and get to know the specifics of the job and the company. Any important topics discussed during the orientation should be addressed in a written contract that outlines expectations and details regarding the job.

What to Expect Moving Forward

After orientation, the process is not yet finished for new employees. They may still have to take part in:

  • Training: Usually done before beginning a new job, training can be in-depth and comprehensive depending on the company and the position. Training may also occur on an ongoing basis as an employee learns the ins and outs of their job.
  • Performance Reviews: After beginning a job, regular reviews with a supervisor or manager are usually required. Reviews are usually used to discuss an employee’s job performance, identify areas of improvement and advance professionally.

Overall, orientation is an important part of the job process, but it does not mean you have the job. Being aware of your rights and company expectations is crucial when understanding the job offer.


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