does quitting a job go on your record


Does Quitting a Job Go On Your Record?

When you quit a job, it is important to consider the impact this could have on your professional record.

Quitting a Job and Implications

Quitting a job usually has implications depending on your industry and how you leave. Many potential employers will look at your record, and if you left a job without an explanation or without finishing two weeks’ notice, for example, this could negatively affect your professional record.

Employers May Check Your Record

Employers may conduct background and reference checks when considering you for a job. Questions about why you left a previous job may come up in the interview, so it is important to be honest and explain your reasons for quitting.

Many workplaces ask for two weeks’ notice to provide the opportunity for a smooth transition without significant disruption to the business, so leaving without this may be seen poorly by employers.

Make Sure You Clarify Reasons for Quitting

When resigning, it is important to ensure that any documentation, email correspondence or other recorrds of your exit are clear and professional. This will help to ensure that there is no doubt as to why you are leaving, and that your methods are polite and respectful.

You should also ensure that any professional references you have are able to provide details of the job you left and the reasons why it has ended.


In summary, quitting a job can affect your professional record negatively if not managed correctly. How you resign and the conditions that are in place when you leave are important considerations to make. Ensuring your reasons for leaving are clear and that documentation is maintained professionally is paramount to ensuring that your professional record is not damaged.


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