does shauna lake have a new job

does shauna lake have a new job

Shauna Lake Delights Fan with New Job Announcement

KUTV2 reporter, Shauna Lake, delighted many of her Utah fans when she announced her new venture. Lake, who was first hired on at KUTV2 in 1998, excitedly shared on social media that she has recently taken a job as the CEO of her own media company.

A New Challenge

The move comes after Lake’s nearly two decade long tenure as the Utah news anchor. Though she enjoyed her time in the spotlight, Lake says that she wanted to challenge and push herself in new ways.

What the Position Entails

Lake’s new role as the CEO of her media company will require a great deal of hard work and dedication. As the head of the company, she will be responsible for:

  • Managing an employee base
  • Developing a brand identity
  • Creating and sustaining a social media presence
  • Developing a monetization strategy
  • Securing sponsorships

The Future of Shauna Lake

Lake has stated that she’s extremely excited for her next professional venture. She hopes that her new media company will help to inform and empower others to join the conversation on topics that are important to them.

With her incredible career experience coupled with the passion she has for the media industry, it’s safe to say that Lake is well-positioned to lead her new company to success.


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