has beyonce had a boob job

has beyonce had a boob job

Has Beyonce Had a Boob Job?

It’s been the subject of countless debates: Did Beyonce get a boob job?

When Beyonce released her popular 2011 music video “Run the World,” the world was abuzz with talk of her noticeably larger chest. So, is the rumor true? Has Beyonce had a boob job?

The Evidence for a Boob Job

  • Increase in cup size – Beyonce’s transformation from an “A” cup in her early days to a larger cup size is evident on the red carpet.
  • Visible change over time – By comparing photos over the years, a drastic change in cup size can be seen.
  • Mentions of breast implants – Although Beyonce has never confirmed whether she had a boob job, some close to her have mentioned her breast implants.

The Evidence Against a Boob Job

  • Weight gain –Some tabloids speculate that at least some of Beyonce’s increase in cup size is due to her fluctuating weight.
  • Normal aging –The body naturally changes with age, and many argue that this is what has happened to Beyonce.
  • Conflicting sources – Beyonce’s camp has denied that she has had any type of plastic surgery.

Despite the rumors and speculation, only Beyonce knows for sure whether she had a boob job. Until she confirms it, it remains a mystery.


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