how bad is it to renege on a job offer

how bad is it to renege on a job offer

Reneging on a Job Offer – How Bad is It?

Coming on board with a company is a serious commitment and for both the employer and employee, finding the right fit is critical. But, what do you do if, after making an offer, you realize that you are unable to honor that offer? It’s called reneging and it can have serious consequences.

The Impact of Reneging

Reneging on a job offer has the potential to harm both parties. For the employer, they could:

  • Lose the Candidate: A yellow flag will go up on the employer’s reputation, and the candidate could decide to withdraw their interest in the position.
  • Strain Relationships: Employers often rely on third parties to help them hire candidates. If an employer reneges on an offer, these parties may not want to work with them again.
  • Damage Brand Image: People talk, and if the employer reneges, the candidate is likely to share their experience with others.

The employee is just as likely to suffer from the consequences of reneging. They may:

  • Miss Out on a Great Opportunity: The candidate may no longer be interested in the position.
  • Be Unemployed: They may have counted on the offer, and now be stuck without a job.
  • Lose Valuable Time: Instead of a new job, they are back at square one in their job search.

What Can Employers Do To Avoid Reneging?

  • Be Upfront: Explain to the candidate that you plan to verify the information provided. Be sure to obtain written consent to obtain information.
  • Be Realistic: Consider no only the current requirements, but also whether the position is likely to change.
  • Be Responsible: If circumstances change, communicate openly and honestly with the candidate about the situation.
  • Be Positive: Offer advice and assistance to help the candidate find the right fit, and if possible, refer the candidate to other companies.

Reneging on a job offer is a serious situation and it should be avoided whenever possible. Employers need to be realistic, honest, and responsible when making job offers. Doing so will ensure that both the employer and the candidate are both happy with the outcome.


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