how can job analysis make staffing more strategic

how can job analysis make staffing more strategic

Using Job Analysis to Make Staffing More Strategic

Job analysis is the process of evaluating and determining the duties, tasks, and responsibilities of a job, and the skill and knowledge that are necessary to perform those roles. It is essential for any organization looking to maximize its staffing resources and ensure it is strategically deploying its manpower.

What Does Job Analysis Entail?

When conducting job analysis, an employer must first compile every task and responsibility associated with the job in question. This includes:

  • Listing out essential duties and responsibilities of the job
  • Listing out the skills and knowledge needed for the job
  • Determining the minimum qualifications to fulfill the requirements
  • Identifying any areas where employees can show improvement

Once job analysis has been completed, it can then be used to develop job requirements and an ideal job description, as well as to set realistic performance expectations and career advancement goals.

Benefits of Strategic Staffing

Strategic staffing is when an organization systematically deploys personnel in a way that best aligns with their mission and long-term objectives. This method of staffing provides several advantages, including:

  • Efficient staffing of resources towards their most effective use
  • Cost savings from reducing or eliminating the need for outside contractors
  • Expanded talent pool for future talent acquisition
  • Maintain continuity of a workforce with the same/similar skills and experience


Job analysis is a critical component of strategic staffing, as it provides organizations with the necessary foundation to better plan, forecast, and manage their workforce. It is only by understanding the distinct roles within the organization and the specific skills and knowledge required to fulfill those roles that companies can hope to realize the full benefits of strategic staffing.


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