how did you hear about this job

how did you hear about this job

How Did You Hear About This Job?

The way you heard about a job is an important factor in your job interview. Hiring managers consider it important information and ask you the question “how did you hear about the job” to gain an understanding of your job search process.

Advantages of Knowing How You Heard About the Job:

  • Employers can better understand job market trends: Knowing where people are seeing available openings helps employers to better understand the job market, as well as the effectiveness of their recruitment methods.
  • Employers can get insights into industry trends: Knowing how candidates learned about available positions can give employers valuable insights into industry trends. For example, if most candidates are finding the job from a particular website, the employer may decide to invest in digital marketing with that website.
  • It helps employers assess the candidate: Where a candidate finds job opportunities can indicate their level of commitment to the job search process, as well as how well they are connected in the job market.

Common Sources of Information for Job Availability:

  • Word of mouth: Friends or family members may tell you about a job opportunity.
  • Website job boards: Many employers advertise positions on their websites and popular job boards such as Monster, Indeed and Glassdoor.
  • Networking: Join networking events and professional associations to make connections in the job market and learn about opportunities.
  • Recruiters: Companies may collaborate with recruiters or third-party companies to fill job positions.
  • Social media: Social media can be an effective way for companies to advertise job openings. LinkedIn and Twitter can be particularly effective platforms for individuals looking for jobs.

By being honest about how you learned about the job and being prepared to give an answer, you show employers that you are motivated to pursue the opportunity and knowledgeable about the job market.


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