how do you bid a roofing job

how do you bid a roofing job

Bidding a Roofing Job

Considering a roofing job? Here is what you need to know when you are bidding the job:

Research the Job

  • Research the area and type of roof needed to determine necessary materials and installation techniques.
  • Identify any permits or other documents required for local installation.
  • Request any applicable drawings for the property.

Calculate Estimates & Costs

  • Estimate roof tear-off and removal costs.
  • Calculate materials and labor estimates.
  • Include additional costs such as for clean-up, disposal of old materials, inspections, warranties and so on.

Review Insurance & Safety Requirements

  • Verify that the contractor or subcontractors are properly insured to perform the job.
  • Give special attention to review safety policies and requirements for workers.

Review Job Specification

  • Review documents carefully to make sure all angle, pitch, egress points and other specifications are accurate.
  • Estimate a timeline depending on weather and other onsite factors.

Submit Bids & Negotiate Price

  • Submit bids to the customer along with a copy of all estimates, bids, and other relevant documents.
  • Negotiate price and terms with customers.
  • Make sure you provide customers with a clear, written explanation of each phase of the job.

No matter what size roof you’re bidding on, these seven steps will help you take the guesswork out of bidding a roofing job.


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