how does gregor feel about his job

how does gregor feel about his job

Gregor’s Difficult Relationship with His Job

Most of us have experienced the difficulty of having a job that we don’t particularly enjoy and that can take a toll on our mental health. Gregory is no different.

Struggling to Cope

Gregor trails through his daily tasks with a sense of resignation, feeling numb to the routine he has become so used to. He starts each day with a lack of enthusiasm for the monotonous work he has to do, with his heart never really in it.

Whenever more taxing tasks arise, Gregor finds it hard to cope. He puts in the necessary effort to complete the job, without any real enthusiasm or spark of interest.

He often feels overwhelmed and inadequate in comparison with his fellow colleagues, whose can-do attitude often makes him feel inferior.

Suffering in Silence

Gregor’s mental health begins to suffer, a result of the pressure he’s put under day in and out. But he rarely speaks of his concerns or confides in his colleagues, instead hiding his struggles out of fear of being judged or viewed as weak.

He confides his worries only to friends or family, scared to let the facade of confidence slip in front of his peers.

The Reasons To Stay

Despite his reservations, there are some reasons why Gregor stays in his job.

  • Financial Security: This is a familiar feeling for many of us, having to stay in a job for financial security. No matter how much Gregor dislikes the job itself, it does give him stability and financial security that he may not be able to find elsewhere.
  • Career Prospects: Gregor also stays for career progression, feeling the pressure to remain in his role for the potential career prospects it brings. Unfortunately, the risk of leaving it without a stable job to go to is too high.
  • Fear of the Unknown: Along with the sense of security his job provides, Gregor is also scared to take on something new. Despite the lack of enjoyment in his role, Gregor has become accustomed to what he knows and is unsure as to whether he’d be able to find something better.

The Final Word

We can all relate to the difficulty of having a job that we are not totally thrilled by, and the struggle in ignoring it’s effects on our mental health. Despite his reservations, Gregor’s decision to stay ultimately comes to down to security and fear of the unknown.


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