how far is el jobo from san jose costa rica

how far is el jobo from san jose costa rica

How far is El Jobo from San Jose Costa Rica?

El Jobo is a small village located on the Pacific Coast in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica. It is approximately 125 kilometers (77 miles) away from the capital city of San Jose.

Traveling by car, the journey from San Jose to El Jobo generally takes about three hours. This gives visitors plenty of time to admire the varied scenery along the way, including rolling green hills, lush rainforests, and picturesque volcanoes.

The most direct route from San Jose to El Jobo is along Highway 1. Once in Guanacaste Province, drivers should take Highway 3 to reach the seaside village.

Reasons to Visit El Jobo

El Jobo is a popular tourist destination due to its spectacular beaches, rugged cliffs, and tranquil fishing villages. There are several other attractions in the village, such as:

  • Playa El Jobo: This popular beach is beloved for its white sands, crystal clear waters, and excellent surf. Visitors can also enjoy activities such as boating, fishing, and snorkeling.
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Center: This conservation center works to protect the olive ridley and other sea turtle species. Visitors can view these majestic creatures from a safe distance as they come ashore to lay their eggs.
  • El Jobo Marina: This marina provides visitors with access to deep sea fishing, scuba diving, and other recreational activities on the ocean.
  • Waterfalls: Located in the village, the nearby San Carlos waterfalls are the perfect spot for a relaxing swim.

Things to Keep in Mind

Due to its small size, El Jobo does not have many shops or restaurants. It is best to bring most supplies with you, such as food, drinks, and sunscreen, as well as enough cash to cover any activities or souvenirs.

El Jobo can be quite hot and humid, so it is important to stay hydrated and wear light, breathable clothing. Mosquitos can also be a bother, so bring bug spray to avoid any pesky bites!


El Jobo is a fantastic vacation spot for travelers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of San Jose and experience the rustic beauty of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. With so much to do and see in El Jobo, it’s no surprise that the village is a popular tourist destination!


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