how hard is it to get a gs-14 job

how hard is it to get a gs-14 job

How Hard is it to Get a GS-14 Job?

Securing a GS-14 level job within the United States Federal Government is no easy feat – the average candidate may find the process to be a daunting task. However, with a bit of research and plenty of effort, a successful application is definitely within reach!

What do GS-14 Jobs Involve?

The General Schedule (GS) is the primary pay system used by civil service federal employees. GS-14 employees are highly experienced professionals with advanced abilities, skills, and knowledge in their area. They must perform a wide range of duties of different complexity, with minimal guidance and assistance from their superiors.


To qualify for a GS-14 job, you must possess a strong application that demonstrates:

  • Education: A baccalaureate degree plus additional advanced course work or specialized experience beyond the level of GS-13.
  • Experience: Three years of progressively higher-level graduate education or a closely related degree.
  • Management: Safely manage programs and/or people, including developing objectives and strategies.
  • Leadership: Develop plans for short or long-term projects; and effectively lead teams of people.

Application Process

Once you feel confident that you meet the qualifications, the next step is to prepare a thorough application. This includes an updated resume, a comprehensive list of your educational and professional achievements, a well-crafted cover letter, and a sample of your writing.

This package should provide an overview of your qualifications and provide a clear connection to the position you are applying for. Once it is ready to go, the job opening must be located and the application process can begin.

Selection Process

From here, selection committees within the agency may contact references, call for interviews, or conduct additional background checks. Depending on the individual job and agency, the process may also involve additional assessments or tests.

The selection process typically takes 30 to 45 days from the time it is posted. It is important to be patient and keep a diligent eye on the application status, as you may need to update information for the selection committee.


Getting a job at the GS-14 level requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It is an arduous journey that requires significant preparation, but the rewards are definitely worth it. With enough effort, the successful candidate may find themselves in an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding career.


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