how hard is it to get a job at blackrock

how hard is it to get a job at blackrock

How Hard Is It To Get A Job At BlackRock?

Have you been considering a career at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager overseeing more than $7 Trillion for clients? It’s no small feat to land a job working with this esteemed global firm, but earning the opportunity can open up a world of possibilities for future employment and success in the financial sector. Here’s what you need to know about the job application process at BlackRock:

1. Pre-Screening:

The first step of the job application process is pre-screening. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Applicants must be active in their job search and have a strong track record of success in previous roles.
  • Highly-focused resumes must be submitted which clearly demonstrate an array of pertinent financial acumen and research capabilities.
  • Fluency in foreign languages can be highly advantageous (especially Spanish or Mandarin).
  • GPAs from top-tier universities will increase chances of success.

2. Interviews:

Successful pre-screening applicants will be invited for in-person interview rounds. Here’s what to prepare for:

  • BlackRock frequently utilize the STAR interview method,so ensure you’re accustomed to answering Situation-Task-Action-Result type questions.
  • Make sure you’re knowledgeable about the financial sector and the stock markets.
  • Dress codes are smart, but make sure you carry a professional look.
  • Take your time to understand the questions being asked, and answer thoughtfully and accurately.

3. Offer:

BlackRock is a great organization to be a part of, and the road to a position there can be difficult. But it’s worth taking the time and effort to go through their lengthy application process. For many people, the work they do there provides greater satisfaction, tremendous learning, and opportunities for career growth. So, shine in the interview and you’re in for a rewarding journey with BlackRock. Good luck!


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