how long are amazon seasonal jobs

how long are amazon seasonal jobs

How Long Are Amazon Seasonal Jobs?

Seasonal jobs are those that are available for a quick period of time and usually surrounded by festivities or holidays. Amazon offers a variety of seasonal jobs each year, and the duration of each one will depend on the individual job.

Seasonal Jobs Available on Amazon

Amazon offers a plethora of seasonal roles to fit the needs of every type of employee. Some of the popular positions you’ll find on Amazon include:

  • Picking and packing: This role in distribution centers helps pick, pack, and ship customer orders.
  • Customer service: Amazon customer service representatives serve customers by answering questions, solving issues, and responding to customer inquiries.
  • Delivery: Delivery associates work in the Prime Now and Amazon Delivery locations for last mile delivery.
  • Shopping: The Shopper Team works in the Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh stores.

Length of employment

The length of seasonal jobs at Amazon varies from location to location. Some positions may be short term, just a few weeks, while some could be fixed-term contracts that last for a few months.

In general, the biggest surge in seasonal jobs usually takes place in the weeks leading up to Christmas, when Amazon hires thousands of workers to help with its dramatic increase in orders. It’s also likely that with the pandemic still ongoing, Amazon will be hiring more seasonal workers this year to help with even higher demand.

What Happens After the Seasonal Job?

Many seasonal workers have gone on to have successful careers with Amazon, either by transitioning to a permanent role or into another temporary opportunity. Amazon also has its “Work From Home” program which gives former permanent employees the chance to come back to Amazon on a more flexible schedule.

The best way to make sure that your temporary job leads to something more is to make a good impression on your supervisors. Show them that you are willing to learn, ready to take on more responsibilities, and that you are committed to the job. Doing this could lead to your hiring into a permanent or extended seasonal role.


Amazon seasonal jobs offer a great opportunity to gain experience and make some extra money with flexible working hours. The length of each job varies, but Amazon provides lots of opportunities for talented workers to gain skills and work their way towards permanent employment.


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