how long did job live in the bible

how long did job live in the bible

How Long Did Job Live in the Bible?

The book of Job in the Bible tells the story of a man of great wealth and power who experienced great suffering and poverty. Job’s story has been used for centuries to teach us about faith, hope, and resilience in the face of trial and adversity.

But one of the most intriguing questions about Job’s story is how long he lived. The short answer is: It isn’t known exactly how old Job was or how long he lived, but some Bible scholars believe that he possibly lived around 140 to 210 years.

Why Job’s Age is Unclear

The Bible doesn’t specifically say how old Job was, so there is no definitive answer to the question of how long he lived. What we do know is that Job basically lived through two lifetimes — the story of his suffering, and the story of renewal.

An Extensive and Tragic Suffering

The book of Job doesn’t give us exact dates, but it does tell us about the length of Job’s suffering. We know his trial lasted for many years — at least several. Job experienced:

  • Loss of many children and servants
  • Loss of his livestock
  • Illness so severe it felt like he was dying

We also know that Job repented during his suffering, and was restored to even greater health and wealth than what he experienced prior to his trial.

The Miracle of Job’s Renewal

It’s possible that Job was so near death during his suffering, that his renewal included a spiritual transformation that extended his life, thus making it difficult to pinpoint his exact age. Bible scholars may have inferred Job’s age based on the time period during which biblical patriarchs lived, which may have been around 140 to 210 years.

Therefore, even though we don’t know exact dates or ages, the book of Job is an inspiring story of resilience, faith, and renewal. It has served as a guide for faithful and courageous living for centuries, and continues to do so today.


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