how long did job suffer with boils

how long did job suffer with boils

How Long Did Job Suffer With Boils?

The biblical Book of Job provides a narrative of Job’s suffering with boils and other afflictions. In the story, Job’s suffering is presented as a test of his faith, as he responds to various calamities with patience and perseverance. In the course of his suffering, Job explicitly addresses his boils for seven days and seven nights.

Length of Suffering

The book of Job does not provide an exact timeline of Job’s suffering. It is said that Job remained afflicted with boils “through all his days” (Job 30:30). This phrase could refer to any number of years or months. However, throughout the book, Job mentions his boils explicitly for seven days and seven nights, likely referring to the period at the very beginning of his long ordeal.


Although the book of Job is best known for its description of Job’s suffering with boils, Job experienced a wide range of physical and spiritual afflictions throughout the story.

Some of Job’s afflictions included:

  • Physical: Boils, intense pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, and rotting teeth
  • Mental/Spiritual: Dismay, confusion, loss of faith, deep grief and questioning of the existence of a God

Patience and Perseverance

Despite the range of physical and mental tortures that Job endured, he persevered with patience and faith throughout it all. Job’s tenacious faith in the Lord, especially in the face of such immense suffering, serves as an example for all of us to follow and be inspired by.

Job’s suffering may have been an enduring ordeal, yet his unwavering faith and commitment to God show us that it is possible to have hope, even in the hardest of trials.


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