how long did job’s suffering last

how long did job’s suffering last

The Enduring Suffering of Job

The biblical narrative of Job is a powerful lesson in faith, trust, and how God tests his most favored people. In the story, Job endures a great period of suffering in order to test his faith and trust in the Lord. But how long did this trial last?

Job’s Initial Suffering

Job first receives news of his suffering when he learns that his livestock and possessions have been destroyed and his servants killed. Job laments his loss and his suffering, but still maintains his faith in God.

Soon after, Job falls ill and is covered with boils from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. Despite his great physical suffering, Job does not sin or curse God. His loyalty and faith persist for seven days before his three friends Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar arrive to console and comfort him.

The Cursing of Job’s Wife

Though his friends have come to try to help, Job grows increasingly troubled and vexed with his misery. His patience begins to waver when his wife curses God and advises him to sin and curse in the sight of the Lord. Job refuses, insisting that he will not disobey the Lord Almighty, despite his wife’s wishes.

Job’s Comfort Comes in Acquiescence

Job’s suffering slowly subsides as he continues to trust God in humility. An account of his suffering is finely detailed in chapter 38 of the book of Job. The Lord speaks to Job, reprimanding him for his words, and informing him of the power and majesty of the divine. Through this chastising, Job acquires a greater appreciation for the Lord and his limitless control.


In the end, Job’s suffering lasts for fourteen chapters or approximately 40 days. This reverence and commitment to God is inspiring and a testament to the power of faith.


  • Job’s initial suffering lasted only seven days
  • Job refused to sin and curse the Lord, despite his wife’s wishes
  • It took Job 40 days in total to acquire a greater appreciation for the Lord Almighty


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