how long did jobs trial last

how long did jobs trial last

The Steve Jobs Trial

Steve Jobs, the revered tech legend and entrepreneur, faced a trial that would go on to shape many of the rulings in the American legal system today. So, how long did this historic trial last?

Trial Length

The Steve Jobs trial lasted an incredible 294 days. From October 14, 1988 to April 11, 1990, the courtroom was filled with lawyers, judges, media personnel, and those eager to hear the outcome of the famous trial.

The Charges

The charges surrounding the Steve Jobs trial were complex as they were unprecedented at the time. Jobs was charged with insider trading, an illegal act in which a person has access to non-public information and makes investment decisions based on it. Thus, Jobs was accused of benefiting from the private information he had accumulated in the course of his prior business dealings.

The Outcome

At the end of the long trial, Jobs was eventually found guilty of unlawfully conducting insider trades and was ordered to pay over $115,000 in fines and court costs. Though Jobs was acquitted of two of the most serious charges he faced, the trial was an important case in American legal history due to its length, complexity, and its implications for future rulings related to insider trading.


The Steve Jobs trial demonstrated the power of the American legal system to take on complex and lengthy cases. Though the outcome may not have been to everyone’s liking, the trial itself was a remarkable event that lasted for 294 days. In this way, the Steve Jobs trial was truly a landmark event for the American justice system.


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