how long do job postings stay open

how long do job postings stay open

How Long Do Job Postings Stay Open?

The typical length of time job postings remain open varies based on the availability of candidates and the company’s hiring strategy. Generally, most job postings stay open until a suitable candidate has accepted the role, though many companies like to move quickly.

Filling a Position

The ideal situation for a company is finding the perfect candidate right away, and the process should not take too long. This is why most jobs can stay open for a few weeks rather than months, unless the pool of applicants is low.

Average Times

There is no definitive answer to how long job postings should stay open, though the average is between two weeks and one month for lower-level jobs. Jobs for senior positions may take longer as a company looks for the best talent, but these postings should remain open for no more than 90 days.


When it comes to how long a job posting should stay open, companies should prioritize speed over anything else. Waiting too long to make a decision often allows other organizations to snatch up top talent, so it’s important to move quickly. The time frame for a job posting should be decided in advance, and any initial offers need to come as soon as possible.

Tips When Posting Jobs

  • Be sure to include an expiration date. This will allow potential applicants to see when the job expires so they can submit their information in time.
  • Explain important details. Before posting a job, ensure that all the details have been outlined such as salary, duties, and any other necessary information.
  • Include a clear job description. A proper job description should be included in all job postings, as this will help potential applicants decide if the job is a good fit for them.

In conclusion, job postings should stay open for roughly two weeks to one month, depending on the seniority level of the role and the availability of candidates. It’s important to move quickly and include expiration dates and clear job descriptions in all postings.


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