how long do job postings stay up

how long do job postings stay up

How Long Do Job Postings Usually Stay Up?

For those job seekers browsing through listings, the lifespan of a job posting can often be a topic of curiosity. How long do job postings stay up? When is a position filled, and by whom? Here, we’ll go over some of the basics of job postings and how long they typically stay up.

Average Lifespan of a Job Posting

When a job listing is posted online, it usually remains until:

  • The position is filled. Once a successful candidate is chosen for the role, the job posting is removed. The final decision may take some time, as background checks, references, and other details are verified, as well as the signing of contracts and official onboarding.
  • The employer revokes the posting. The job may be filled from an internal source, or the position may simply no longer be needed, in which case the employer may choose to revoke the listing.
  • The listing expires. Many job posts have an expiration date, at which point they are removed even if the position is not filled. The length of each job post’s expiration time frame varies, but can range from a day to several months, depending on the employer.

How To Stay On Top

Job seekers should always be prepared to submit their application quickly upon discovery of a relevant job listing. Take the time to research the job and tailor your resume to the position, if possible. This kind of extra effort can make a huge difference when it comes to getting noticed by employers.

It’s also helpful to create job alerts or check in frequently on job boards and company websites to stay updated on the latest postings. In order to receive consideration, it’s recommended that job seekers learn how to write an effective cover letter and practice commonly asked interview questions, as well.


Job postings usually remain until the position is filled, the employer revokes the listing, or the listing expires. To make sure you’re always in the know, create job alerts, check in frequently on job boards, and research the position and practice commonly asked questions. Good luck!


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