how long does a paint job on a car take

how long does a paint job on a car take

Getting a Paint Job for Your Car

How Long Does it Take?

A freshly painted car can enhance the beauty of the exterior of your car dramatically. However, painting your car is not a one day job and it involves a complicated process. Depending on the size of the car, the type of paint job, and the number of coats being applied, the process can take anywhere from 3-7 days.

Factors Affecting a Paint Job Timeline

The following are some of the major factors that will determine the timeline of your paint job:

  • Size of the Car –The bigger the car, the more time it will take to complete the paint job. Smaller cars can take anywhere from 3-5 days while a larger car may take a week or more.
  • Painting Style –A metallic paint job will take a bit more time than a basic coat of paint. Customized paint jobs with airbrush artwork will also naturally require more time than a regular paint job.
  • Shape of the Car –Different cars have differently shaped panels which will decide how quickly the job can be completed. The shape and design of the car can make the process more complicated and this can add one or two more days for the paint job.
  • Number of Coats –The number of coats applied to the vehicle, as well as the type of sealer that is being used, will also affect the timeline. Two or three coats may be recommended, depending on the type of paint, and this might add an extra day to the timeline.


As you can see, it is difficult to predict the exact time of a paint job. It can take anywhere from 3-7 days, and sometimes even longer, depending on the type of paint job and the size of the car. The best way to find out the exact timeline for your car is to contact a professional auto paint and body shop.


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