how long does amazon take to respond to job application

how long does amazon take to respond to job application

How Long Does Amazon Take to Respond to Job Applications?

Amazon is one of the world’s most successful online retailers, offering a wide variety of products to consumers all over the world. Because of its tremendous success, Amazon is a very popular place to work and consequently, an equally popular company to submit job applications.

So, if you’ve applied to Amazon, you’re probably wondering how long it will take to hear back, and if a response would be positive or negative. To find out, read on.

Responding to Applicants

Amazon typically responds to applicants within seven days of receiving the application. The response will vary depending on the role that is being applied for, recruitment volume, the current level of interest from other candidates, and the availability of qualified applicants.

It’s important to note that even if the company is interested in your application and you receive an initial response, the entire recruitment process could take weeks. This is because, as a successful company, Amazon receives lots of applications for each position.

Tips for a Successful Job Application to Amazon

To increase your chances of having your application accepted and of being invited for an interview, follow these tips:

  • Update your CV. Include the most recent and relevant information and experiences.
  • Write a compelling cover letter. If applicable, provide a link to professional profiles or other relevant online documents.
  • Research the role and company. Be prepared to answer questions about the role and Amazon’s values and business model.
  • Focus on strengths. Include tangible examples of project outcomes or successes in relevant roles.

By following these tips, you’re giving yourself the best chance to get a positive response from Amazon.


When submitting an application to Amazon, rest assured that you’ll typically hear back from the company within seven days. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your application stands out from the crowd by providing a comprehensive CV, cover letter, and researching the role and company prior to submission.

Good luck with your application!


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