how long does it take to do a brake job

how long does it take to do a brake job

How Long Does It Take To Do A Brake Job?

Getting your brakes checked and doing repairs when needed can help ensure that you safely keep your car running. A typical brake job will take at least several hours of labor to complete, from removing and replacing the old brake pads and rotors to the final adjustments and inspections.

How Long Does It Take to Fully Change Brakes?

The exact time to change brakes can vary depending on the vehicle and the type of brakes being installed. Generally, it can take anywhere from two to three hours. Here are the steps involved in a typical brake job:

  • Inspection: The first step is to inspect the current brake system and determine if any additional repairs or replacements are needed.
  • Removal: The current brake pads and rotors will be removed, and the caliper will be cleaned and lubricated.
  • Installation: New brake pads and rotors will be installed and the caliper will be reassembled. Brake fluid will also be refilled, if needed.
  • Adjustment: Once the brake pads and rotors have been installed, the brakes will be adjusted to ensure proper operation.
  • Inspection: Lastly, the brakes will be inspected for any leaks and to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

How Long Does It Take To Do a Brake Repair?

The time it takes to complete a brake repair will depend on the severity of the issue and the parts that need to be replaced. Minor repairs such as replacing a single brake pad or rotor can be completed in as little as one hour. Major repairs such as replacing both brake pads and rotors can take two to three hours.

Additional Factors That Affect Time

In addition to the actual repairs that need to be done, there are a few other factors that will affect how long it takes to do a brake job. These include:

  • Vehicle Type: Some cars require more time to do a brake job than others due to their design.
  • Parts: Quality parts that are more expensive will take more time to install.
  • Technician: An experienced technician will be able to work faster than someone who is new to brake repairs.

By understanding all the factors that affect how long it takes to do a brake job, you can be prepared for what to expect and plan accordingly. Taking your vehicle to an experienced and certified technician is the best way to ensure that your car is safe and back on the road as quickly as possible.


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