how long does ups seasonal jobs last


The Timeframe for UPS Seasonal Jobs

If you’re looking for extra work to do over the holidays, seasonal jobs with UPS provide a popular option for those looking to boost their income during the winter months. But how long do UPS seasonal jobs usually last?

Length of Assignments

UPS seasonal jobs typically have a fairly short timeframe of three to four months. However, your exact time in the position can vary, depending on your current assignment.

    • Temporary employees of UPS can be offered part-time, seasonal jobs or jobs that last through the end of the calendar year.


    • Seasonal positions can range in duration from just a few weeks to a full year.


    • Seasonal jobs are often offered during peak holiday periods, lasting from Thanksgiving through January.



Pay and hours for seasonal jobs at UPS can vary depending on the position. Many seasonal employees average $13-$15 per hour. Those in higher positions may receive more attractive compensation. Some positions may also be eligible for a variety of benefits, such as limited healthcare coverage, retirement benefits, paid vacation time, and other incentives.

If you’re looking for work during the holiday season, checking for seasonal jobs with UPS is a good way to get extra income. Most assignments are relatively short, so you won’t be tied down for too long. For more information on working for UPS, visit the UPS Careers website.


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