how long is job corps cna program

how long is job corps cna program

Job Corps CNA Program Overview

Job Corps is a federally funded education and skills training program for eligible low-income young people. The program provides basic educational, vocational and social skills training, as well as health care career training. The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program is one of the many health care career programs offered by Job Corps.

Duration of Job Corps CNA Program

The CNA program at Job Corps consists of two Parts, Part A and Part B. The duration of each part is typically 10 weeks. However, completion of Part A does not guarantee admission into Part B. After successful completion of Part B, students can take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program’s “NOCTI” exam, which is the national CNA certification test.

Subjects Covered

The CNA program at Job Corps helps students develop the skills and knowledge to become qualified Certified Nursing Assistants. Here are the main topics covered in the program:

  • Professionalism: This incorporates personal character traits such as respect, personal appearance, and communication.
  • Career Readiness: This involves important skills such as resume writing, job search techniques, and job interviewing.
  • Nursing Assistant Skills: This covers clinical skills, monitoring residents, vital signs, and providing care to residents and patients.
  • Medical Terminology: Students will learn and understand medical terms, abbreviations, and symbols.
  • Anatomy & Physiology: Students will learn about the human body, its systems and functions, and the medical conditions associated with them.

Additional Training

After completion of Part B and passing the NOCTI exam, students may choose to pursue additional Certified Nursing Assistant training. This includes classes in specialized patient care, hospice care, geriatric care, and home health care.


In conclusion, Job Corps’ CNA program is a great opportunity for low-income young people to get education and training in a health care career. The program consists of two Parts, Part A and Part B, both of which have a duration of 10 weeks. Upon completion of Part B, students can take the exam to become a certified CNA. Additionally, students can pursue additional training in specialized areas of patient care.


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