how long was job tested

how long was job tested

How Long Was Job Tested?

Job, a biblical figure in the Bible, was known to face tough trials. During these trials, his faith was tested in order to see if he would remain faithful to God. These trials lasted for quite some time.

Examining Job’s Lengthy Test of Faith

The question of how long Job was tested has been a debated issue in theological circles. Here are some points to consider:

  • The book of Job is said to have been written somewhere in the 7th to 5th century B.C., with most scholars agreeing to the later date.
  • The Bible states that Job lived for 140 years after his trial ended (Job 42:16). This conclusion is made from the premise that Job was approximately 70 years old when he faced his trial (Job 29:8).
  • Adding 70 to the 140 years gives us 210 years as the estimated length of Job’s test of faith.
  • However, if we look into Job’s family life, it is possible that he experienced a longer duration of trials. For example, he mentions his sons, daughters and grandchildren in the text (Job 1:2-5). So it’s possible that his test of faith went on longer than 210 years.


To conclude, it is impossible to know the exact amount of time Job was tested. Depending on his family life, the tests could have gone on for many years or even decades. We can take comfort in the fact that no matter how long it was, Job remained faithful to God until the very end.


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