how many jobs are available in building materials

how many jobs are available in building materials

Jobs in Building Materials

What’s Available?

Building materials-related industries and professions offer a wide range of job options. Depending on experience and expertise, professionals can specialize in different areas within this field. With the right qualifications, individuals can find jobs in construction, management, engineering and sales. From architects to skilled laborers, building materials-related jobs provide opportunities for growth and lifelong learning.

Types of Building Materials-Related Jobs

  • Architecture: Architects design structures and buildings from concept to completion. They create detailed plans, procure materials and oversee construction projects. Architects can also specialize in different types of structures such as residential homes, commercial buildings, public spaces, and more.
  • Engineering: Engineers analyze and design structures and components, such as bridges and buildings. As with architects, they obtain, measure and test building materials, provide detailed specifications and direct construction projects. They often specialize in a certain type of engineering, such as structural, civil or mechanical.
  • Construction Management: Construction managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of building projects. They determine the labor needed, supervise employees and subcontractors and coordinate suppliers and building materials vendors.
  • Construction Labor: Construction laborers are the workhorses of building projects. They assist in transporting materials, welding, framing, pouring concrete and other tasks as outlined by the construction/project manager.
  • Sales: Professionals employed in building materials sales are responsible for promoting and selling products to contractors, engineers and other customers. They demonstrate the features of the material, suggest the best products for specific types of constructions, and keep up-to-date information about the current market.


Qualifications for jobs in building materials range from a high school diploma to a four-year college degree. Most entry-level positions require a GED or some college experience. Those seeking to work in more specialized areas may need to obtain a certification, certifications or become licensed.


The field of building materials provides a wealth of job opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds. From engineers to laborers, there are positions in sales, engineering, construction management, and architecture. Those interested in working in this field must possess the right skills and qualifications in order to stand out from the competition.


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