how many jobs are available in building materials

how many jobs are available in building materials

How Many Jobs Are Available in Building Materials?

As the need for efficient construction grows and more people enter the field of building materials, there is an expanding need for qualified professionals to join the workforce. From production workers to business sales professionals, the jobs available in building materials are vast and varied.

Industrial Project Managers

Industrial project managers coordinate industrial-related projects for building stores, warehouses, factories and homes. They must be well-versed in engineering and construction techniques and be knowledgeable of building materials, construction codes and safety regulations. Some of the job duties of an industrial project manager may include:

  • Researching projects
  • Performing calculations on construction materials and supplies
  • Inspecting construction sites
  • Collaborating with other professionals
  • Writing reports and keeping records

Sales Professionals

Business sales professionals have the important job of selling building materials and construction services to clients. They use their excellent interpersonal skills to set up new accounts, increase sales, manage customer service and develop business relationships. Some of the duties of a sales professional may include:

  • Gathering market and customer information
  • Maintaining relationships with customers
  • Advising customers on building materials and services
  • Providing customer service and technical support
  • Making presentations and attending industry conferences

Production Workers

Production workers are the people behind-the-scenes that fabricate, assemble, and package building materials for distribution. They use a variety of tools and machines to create, package and ship building materials. Some of the duties of a production worker may include:

  • Operating machines for production
  • Inspecting finished products for quality control
  • Using a variety of tools and equipment
  • Follow safety procedures and use protective clothing
  • Performing basic maintenance on production equipment

The number of jobs available in building materials varies depending on location and experience. However, there is potential for growth as demand increases and technology develops in the industry. Therefore, this is an excellent field to consider getting into if you have the experience or passion for building materials and construction.


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