how many jobs are available in clothing/shoe/accessory stores

how many jobs are available in clothing/shoe/accessory stores

Jobs in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores

Retail stores specializing in clothing, shoes, and accessories offer plenty of job opportunities for anyone looking for work in the fashion industry. Although part-time and seasonal positions are more common, there is also potential for full-time, permanent positions in these retail stores.

Retail Sales Associates

Retail sales associates are often the most visible employees in the store. Their primary job is to greet customers, answer questions, create displays, and provide other assistance as needed. They also maintain shelves and organize merchandise throughout the store. Many retail sales associates also earn commissions when they make sales.

Cashiers & Receiving Clerks

Cashiers handle customer transactions, such as ringing up purchases, processing returns, and settling payments. Receiving clerks unload shipments from delivery trucks and verify that the merchandise is correct. They also scan and enter products into the store’s inventory system.

Store Managers & Assistant Managers

Store managers are responsible for running the entire day-to-day operations of the store, such as hiring and training employees, making sure the store runs smoothly, and meeting sales goals. Assistant managers help the store manager with daily tasks and may fill in for them when necessary.

Other Positions

Other potential positions in clothing, shoe, and accessory stores include visual merchandisers, who design attractive window and in-store displays, and loss prevention personnel, who work to prevent shoplifting and investigate any theft that does occur. There are also positions available for professional seamstresses and tailors, purchasing agents, store security officers, and customer service representatives.

Employers in the clothing, shoe, and accessory retail sector offer many different opportunities for employees who want to pursue their career in fashion. With a combination of customer service and fashion expertise, anyone may find their perfect fit in these stores.


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