how many jobs are available in environmental services

how many jobs are available in environmental services

What is Environmental Services?

Environmental Services is any service that has something to do with the natural environment and the sustainability of the earth. This includes everything from preserving natural resources, controlling pollution and improving air and water quality.

How Many Jobs are Available in Environmental Services?

There is a whole host of job titles related to environmental services. The range of duties within these jobs is vast. Some popular job titles include:

Environmental Scientists

These scientists study and research the natural environment. They analyze data related to air and water quality, biodiversity, climate change and more.


Conservationists help promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. They often run programs focused on educational campaigns and environmental stewardship.

Environmental Lawyers

Environmental lawyers must have a working knowledge of environmental policies, regulations, and laws. They advise companies, governments and nonprofits on how to comply with those laws and regulations.

Environmental Engineers

Environmental engineers use their engineering skills to design and develop systems, processes, and products for the betterment of the environment. This may include developing green energy systems, improving water quality and more.

Green Building Professionals

Green Building Professionals, such as architects and project managers, focus on building and constructing structures with a focus on sustainability. This includes using energy-efficient appliances, water-stingy plumbing and other environmentally friendly technologies.

The jobs available in environmental services are far and varied. There are many opportunities for those who have a passion and understanding of the environment. Those interested in pursuing a career in environmental services should research the different job types and figure out what best suits their skill set and professional goals.

Overall, environmental services is an incredibly diverse, ever-growing field with hundreds of roles available. From scientists and engineers to planners and policy makers, there is a job to fit any interest or passion in the world of environmental services. So, if you’ve been longing to make a career out of protecting the environment, look no further! The opportunity is there, and the possibilities are endless.


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