how many jobs are available in forest products

how many jobs are available in forest products

Jobs in Forest Products

Forest products are an important part of the global economy. With more than 1.3 billion hectares of forest worldwide, these resources are relied upon for everything from paper products to lumber to furniture. There are a variety of job opportunities related to this sector and they range from working in the woods to manufacturing and distribution.

Jobs in Forestry

Foresters are responsible for the management and preservation of forest resources. They monitor forest wildlife, plan and organize timber harvests, assess damage from forest fires, and develop strategies for conservation efforts. They also have the task of educating the public about sustainable forest management.

Jobs in Logging

Loggers are the laborers responsible for harvesting trees from the forest. They coordinate the removal of trunks, limbs and logs for lumber production. Loggers are usually skilled workers and need good physical strength, agility and knowledge of safety precautions in order to do the job effectively and efficiently.

Jobs in Manufacturing

Once the logs are harvested, they are sent to manufacturing plants to be processed into other products. There are a variety of jobs available in this sector, ranging from saw millers to paper product makers. Technicians and engineers are often needed to oversee the mechanical processes involved in the manufacturing and distribution of timber, lumber and paper products.

Other Related Jobs

Other related opportunities include laborers and truck drivers who transport timber and lumber products. Government agencies, environmental organizations, and conservation groups often need professionals with training in forestry, geology and other relevant scientific areas, such as soil and water conservation. Additionally, there are jobs in sales and marketing, administration, research and teaching.


The forest products industry provides a wide array of employment opportunities for people with various skill sets. Whether it’s logging, manufacturing or related field work, there are plenty of job options available. With the right education and experience, individuals can find success in this exciting industry.

Job Opportunities in Forest Products

  • Foresters
  • Loggers
  • Manufacturing technicians and engineers
  • Truck drivers
  • Government agencies, environmental organizations, and conservation groups
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Administrative professionals
  • Research professionals
  • Educators


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